September 2023

  • openapi-processor-spring/micronaut 2023.4

json schema validation for OpenAPI 3.1

the processor does now run json schema validation on OpenAPI 3.1 documents.

automatically clear output directory

when called, the processor clears the target directory to avoid any left over/obsolete files from previous runs.

accept generic wildcard in mapping

it is now possible to use the generic ? in a mapping.

openapi-processor-mapping: v4
  package-name: io.openapiprocessor.generated

     - add: foo => io.openapiprocessor.GenericType<?>

Spring: missing import

Spring doesn’t have shortcut annotations, e.g. @GetMapping instead of @RequestMapping(…​, method = RequestMethod.HEAD) for the http methods HEAD, OPTIONS & TRACE.

The processor does now add the missing import of RequestMethod.

improved json schema of mapping.yaml

when using endpoint specific mappings the processor (sometimes) complained about invalid entries in the mapping.yaml. This was caused by wrong definitions in the corresponding json schema.

don’t request json schema draft

a miss-configuration of the json-schema validator caused an unnecessary network request to download a json schema (draft 7) from

write http operations in original order

the controller endpoint methods for the http operations are written in the same order as in the OpenAPI description.

Unfortunately this doesn’t work with the swagger OpenAPI parser because it doesn’t preserve the original order.