What’s Next

This just lists a few things that are planned for the future in no particular order. I’m working on this as times permits…​ 😀

Spring Boot 3

Spring Boot 3 uses bean validation v3. v3 changes the package name from javax. …​ to jakarta. …​. openapi-processor will support this in the next version (2031.1).

It is implemented and needs documentation and testing.

mapping improvements

the mapping was missing a (now) obvious feature. Mapping a model type should still add bean validation annotations on the target type. This is mostly interesting for @Valid.

Same issue with annotation mapping. Mapping a type that should get an additional annotation would drop the annotation mapping. openapi-processor will apply the annotation mapping to a mapped type.

There is also improved support for simple data types.

It is implemented and needs documentation and testing.

json schema validator

Finish json schema validator draft 2019-09 and implement draft 2020-12. Draft 2020-12 is required to validate OpenAPI 3.1. documents.

internal OpenAPI 3.0 / 3.1

Add validation for OpenAPI 3.1 parser.

annotation processor


unfortunately openapi-processor can’t run as annotation processor. The problem is simply to detect when processing is necessary.

Run openapi-processor as an annotation processor. This should make it easier to integrate openapi-processor into a build without the need of a plugin for the build tool.

I will probably try to support both for a while, i.e. make it run as annotation processor or via the plugins.